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The Liturgical Composers Forum is proud to announce the resumption of the fund “As Music Heals” to support liturgical pastoral musicians in need of financial assistance due to extraordinary health concerns, difficult living conditions, or other crises and emergencies beyond their control. 

‘As Music Heals’ (AMH) is an initiative of the Liturgical Composers Forum (LCF) and was originally created to support church musicians during the COVID pandemic. ‘As Music Heals’ has made a difference in the lives of many women and men during the painful days of COVID, especially for church musicians in need.

For all of us, large financial needs can come unexpectedly. Church musicians are not wealthy people and often have limited savings available to them to address these situations.

In 2023, our mission has expanded to provide assistance to church musicians who are experiencing unexpected health care, transportation, housing, and other expenses beyond their control.

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